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And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers…

Malachi 4:6

Stelzl Family

What is ATI?

“ATI has kept God’s ways before our eyes, has fed us on the green grass of God’s principles, and has continually warned us of the poisonous plants scattered around us looking lush, but waiting to destroy us.” —The Stelzl Family, North Carolina


2016 Family Connections Tour

2016 Family Connections Tour

Desiring to be more connected with other families who have similar goals and vision? Looking for some encouragement from God’s Word and fellowship with other believers? Register today for a Family Connection event in a city near you! Learn more »

Family Conferences

2016 Family Conferences

The theme for the 2016 Family Conferences is "Walking in the Light." Join us for an inspiring week in Big Sandy, Texas (April 19-22); Toccoa, Georgia (May 17-20); Sacramento, California (July 5-8); or Green Lake, Wisconsin (August 30-September 2). Learn more »