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learning to see all of life from God’s perspective

“His delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.” —Psalm 1:2

In the scope of the ATI curriculum, the Bible is the main textbook, the Wisdom Booklets are the core curriculum, and supplemental materials and programs are continually developed to assist parents as they teach (and learn!) in the classroom of life.

In most educational systems today, the curriculum divides learning into academic subjects that are studied independently of one another. In some schools, the Bible is added as merely another subject to be studied. The ATI curriculum however, begins with Scripture and then combines valuable information with character training and life principles. Each Booklet amplifies a section of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount through practical instruction in linguistics, history, science, law, and medicine. A group of educators, ministers, scientists, historians, and engineers worked under the direction of Bill Gothard, Dr. Larry Guthrie, and Inge Cannon to develop this curriculum, which comprises over 3,000 pages in 54 Wisdom Booklets.

The primary objective in studying each subject is to discover deeper truths in the Scripture passage. The two secondary objectives are to grow in wisdom by comprehending the particular academic subject from God’s perspective and to understand the application of the subject to life.

Scripture is the main textbook for building all of life, including education, on Christ.


Wisdom Quizzes reveal natural inclinations and sharpen thinking about the foundational truths of the Scripture passage.

Wisdom Quizzes Wisdom Worksheet

Wisdom Worksheets introduce the academic information covered in the Wisdom Booklet Resources.

Resources are the chapters of each Wisdom Booklet, which go beyond the “facts and figures” teaching method by relating academic facts to Biblical principles. This approach guides families to understand concepts, to think logically, to arrive at right conclusions, and to apply God’s principles to other areas of life.

Resources and Parent Guide Planners

Parent Guide Planners give ideas and projects that further expand learning based on individual needs. A resource library to equip the family with supplementary study material is recommended in the ATI Handbook.

By learning educational concepts according to the way God presents them in His Word, family members gain an understanding of how all true knowledge develops from Godly wisdom. Information becomes valuable as it is applied to life.

Included in the Parent Guide Planner is “little people text” to assist the home educator in explaining and picturing important concepts and rudimentary knowledge in a way that the pre-reading or early-reading child can understand.

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