Wisdom Booklet Language Arts

Wisdom Booklet Language Arts (WBLA) is a comprehensive language arts curriculum, designed with the goal of helping families develop excellent communication skills, while maintaining a strong focus on Biblical principles.

Using a teach-practice-apply approach, students will learn the necessary skills for writing effectively, practice them through given assignments, and then apply them in their own writing.

WBLA’s weekly lessons contain all major language arts components, including grammar, reading comprehension, copying, dictation, spelling, vocabulary, research, composition, and editing. One year of language arts instruction is contained in eight WBLA booklets. Families who use WBLA will not need to supplement with additional language arts textbooks. Both user-friendly and structured, WBLA is filled with teacher tips and other helpful tools for the teacher and student.

WBLA booklets complement a corresponding Wisdom Booklet and are available in three levels: Level A for second- through fourth-grade skill level, Level B for fifth- through eighth-grade skill level, and Level C for high school skill level.

How to Order WBLA

For your convenience, you may order WBLA in the following ways:

WBLA Support

A WBLA mothers’ e-mail loop has been designed for the purpose of asking questions of the author. To subscribe, send an e-mail to

. In your e-mail, please include your name and Family ID number, and specify that you would like to sign up for the WBLA Loop.