Air Land Emergency Resource Team

The ALERT program focuses on training men in Biblical disciplines and character within the framework of learning skills for crisis response and ministry support.

The goal of the ALERT program is to build men who are known not only for their excellent skills, but also for the Godly character and servant’s hearts with which those skills are executed—not primarily for personal advancement, but for unselfish ministry to the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional needs of others.

When a man learns to place his life in God’s hand, for God’s direction and purpose, God raises him up and uses him. ALERT is an intensive training program, spanning eighteen months, which provides an opportunity for men ages 18 and older to learn character, discipline, and skills to meet the needs of individuals in crisis and to support their present and future ministry.

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Paul Elliot “ALERT was incredible! The emergency-response skills that I learned transferred directly to my work as a paramedic in my hometown.

“I discovered a great sense of fulfillment knowing that I had made a difference in someone’s life. Whether it was giving life-saving medication to an individual or handing a teddy bear to a little girl that was in a car accident, emergency medicine is an amazing way to meet people that you never would have crossed paths with otherwise, and to serve them in their time of crisis. I would highly recommend ALERT’s paramedic training to any young man seeking to minister in the field of emergency medicine.” —Paul Elliot

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