Air Land Emergency Resource Team

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What is ALERT?

ALERT (Air Land Emergency Resource Team) is a training program with a military-type structure for men ages 18 and older.

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Basic Training

basic training

The first phase of ALERT is the 9-week Basic Training, which is similar to a military boot camp, but with an intense focus on the Lord. Training elements include:

  • Leadership Training—Leadership by example
  • First Aid—Wilderness applications
  • Physical Training—Techniques of strength and endurance development
  • Rope Work—Knots and river crossing
  • Outdoor Survival—Orienteering and fire and shelter construction
  • Character Training—Responsiveness to authority
  • Personal Disciplines—Bringing thoughts and actions under control
  • Rappelling—Introduction to high-angle rescue
  • Evangelism—Sharing faith in Christ with others
  • Memorization—The book of I Peter

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Emergency Response Training (ERT)


Those that complete Basic Training are qualified to go through Emergency Response Training, where they take multiple courses to prepare them for disaster response, such as:

  • Search-and-Rescue—Land search-and-rescue techniques
  • Special Response Diver—Underwater search and recovery with certification from NAPD
  • Open Water SCUBA Diving—Entry-level diving with certification from NASE
  • High-Angle Rescue—Rope-rescue techniques
  • Structural Collapse Rescue—Structure stabilization, shoring techniques, and patient extrication
  • Firefighting—Basics of structural and wildland fire fighting
  • Sawyer—Use, safety, and care of a chain saw

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Advanced Training


During Advanced Training, ALERT men choose an area of vocational training they would like to major in, such as:

  • Aviation—FAA-certified ground school and flight instruction
  • Emergency Services Operations—Fire Academy, Technical Rescue
  • Emergency Medicine (EMT)—Basic professional emergency care
  • Emergency Medicine (Paramedic)—Advanced professional emergency care
  • Basic Training Cadre—Provide leadership and support to new ALERT Basic Training units
  • Law Enforcement—Biblical principles and practice of law enforcement
  • Building Trades—Instruction and practical experience in HVAC, plumbing, electrical wiring, woodshop, construction
  • Property and Facility Care—Landscaping, sawyer work, equipment maintenance. Students who commit to this training venue will receive a substantial discount on ERT
  • Leadership and Management—Influencing, managing and communicating with people from a Christian perspective.
  • Professional Diving—Certified SCUBA training with a variety of specialties.

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On-Call to Serve

ALERT is on-call to respond to international needs at the request of governmental officials. Our men are trained and ready to assist in disaster relief, aerial searches, community service, land search-and-rescue, underwater search-and-recovery, and humanitarian aid projects. Notable deployments include:

  • Colorado Flood Relief (2013)—ALERT men traveled to Jamestown in November to aid residents whose homes had been ruined by flooding. After they helped break down a summer cabin that the flood had destroyed, owner Corey Nielson was impressed with their work ethic and courtesy: "Today was huge. Having 15 or 20 22-year-olds who call you sir?" Read the deployment report >>
  • Missouri Tornado Relief (2011)—The tornado that struck Joplin on May 22 killed 158 people and caused damage amounting to nearly $2.8 billion. Within a week of the disaster, ALERT men arrived on the scene and coordinated with Samaritan's Purse and Service International to maximize the efficiency of relief efforts.
  • Humanitarian Aid to Haiti (2005)—Don Tipton of Friend Ships, International, commented on the team, “They are disciplined, stand at attention, are ready to serve, helpful, and not a smart aleck among them. I had no idea there were people like this wonderful team out there.” Read the deployment report >>
  • Columbia Shuttle Recovery (2003)—An astronaut from NASA exclaimed, “Your fellows are the best! After one search team covered an area and found nothing, your men went through it and found hundreds of items.”
  • Missouri Tornado Relief (2003)— The Leitle family from Missouri expressed their gratefulness: “You had an extremely generous heart to give of your time and use your saws. We are still in awe at the help we received.”
  • Oklahoma City Bombing Recovery (1995)—ALERT's first-ever deployment was to assist local authorities with debris cleanup and body search and recovery after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

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Red Carpet Day

Visitors are welcome to tour the ALERT campus by appointment year-round, but every May and December, ALERT opens its doors in a special way to young men, parents, educators and community members. You're invited to join us on Red Carpet Day to witness the Advancement ceremony of a Basic Training unit. You'll attend a formal reception, where each of the Advanced Training officers will be able to answer questions regarding requirements, training aspects, and certifications in their venue. Red Carpet Day culminates in a formal dinner, highlighted by testimonies from the families of new Responders. Visit for more information, or call 903-636-2000 to register. Don't miss this special event!

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