Eternity Arts

equipping gospel chalk artists for ministry

The Chalk Art program provides training and equipment to help students prepare to reach the world with the Gospel through chalk art.

Although artistic talent is beneficial, it is not necessary for this three-phase class taught by veteran chalk artists, which may include Dr. Bill Gothard, Mr. Terry Martin, Mr. Ding Teuling, Miss Rachel Browning, Mr. Philip Bowman, and Mr. Matthew Bowman.

Graduates of Chalk Art gain skill in verbal communications, public speaking, music selection, drawing, soul winning, ministry preparation and accountability, presentation techniques, and other skills vital for ministry with people. God has used chalk artists all over the world to effectively share the message of the Gospel to those who otherwise would not have been interested.

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Simeon Miller “Through the Chalk Art course, I learned how to use chalk as a means to effectively present the Gospel. They taught me the basics of preparing and presenting an attractive chalk-talk, as well as more advanced techniques such as different drawing styles and tips on using black-light chalk. The most beneficial part of the course, though, was being with the Godly instructors who encouraged me in my walk with the Lord.” —Simeon Miller

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