Cultivating Obedience, Ministering Mercy, Internalizing Truth


COMMIT’s vision for mothers and daughters is to impart to both young women and to their mothers the reality of how loved they are, how precious their relationship with the Lord and with each other is meant to be, and how glorious their callings are in love, honor, joy and understanding.

Some of the topics covered during this conference may include falling in love with the Lord, accepting your design and realizing your unique gifts, embracing your identity in Christ, taking thoughts captive, seizing the opportunity to minister, enjoying parental and sibling harmony, and developing social and ministry skills. The primary focus of COMMIT is on cultivating our relationships with the Lord and giving young women and their mothers a vision to change their world.

Young ladies of our day, as well as mothers, need inspiration to rise above the mediocrity of this culture and pursue the beautiful purposes to which the Lord has called them.

COMMIT holds sessions for daughters at each ATI Regional Conference while the family is attending their own sessions. Mother Daughter Conferences are separately scheduled at various locations.

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Laura DeMasie “I came to COMMIT with a heavy heart. My relationship with the Lord was not what it should have been, and I did not have a good relationship with my siblings. The joy of the Lord was missing in my life, because I was trying to live in my own strength. I realized that I needed a change in my life. The Lord used COMMIT to change my heart. I heard life-changing messages that the Lord used to restore my relationship with my siblings. It was during this week that I made many vital commitments which continue to make a difference in my life.” —Laura