International Ministerial Institute

preparation for ministry in the Church and beyond

Program Overview

Established for the purpose of preparing young men for ministry, IMI encourages students to develop a passion for God and a desire for the Holy Spirit in every aspect of practical living and future service.

Students are challenged to live as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, to allow God to transform them into a royal priesthood, to rely only on His abilities and power, and to be a pure vessel set apart for His use in the world.

Areas of Study and Application

Developing Intimacy With God
  • Humility
  • Holiness
  • Character Development
  • The Power of the Holy Spirit
Spiritual Disciplines
  • Bible Memorization and Meditation
  • Personal Prayer
  • Lectio Divina: Praying of the Scriptures
  • Greek and Hebrew Languages
  • Old and New Testament Survey
  • The Power of the First-Century Church
  • Church History
  • Expository Preaching
  • Funeral Ceremonies
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Counseling Defeated Christians
  • Counseling the Bereaved and Terminally Ill
Practical Ministry
  • Prison Ministry
  • Missiology and Communicating Cross-Culturally
  • Weekly Preaching Opportunities

Program Leadership

Dr. Mike Davis, director

Dr. Davis became the director of IMI in 2001. In the past several years, he taught and counseled at a number of training centers, exhorting students and parents to seek a close relationship with the Lord. Previously he worked for 20 years with the Social Security Administration in Texas.

Dr. Jim Logan

Over the past two decades, Dr. Logan served as a counselor at the International Center for Biblical Counseling, based in Sioux City, Iowa. Before this, he served as a pastor for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Logan has a wide range of experience in Christian education, which includes helping found a Bible college and holding a professorship at two Christian colleges. He has also served various mission societies, Bible schools, Christian organizations, and has ministered across the globe in over 14 nations.

Course Details

IMI offers a three-year course with twelve weeks of intensive training each fall and spring. During the summer and winter, students have time for practical application and ministry. New students are accepted at the beginning of each fall and spring semester.


For more information or to obtain an application, please contact us.