Verity Institute

innovative higher education

Verity Institute is a unique, Bible-based discipleship program for high school graduates who desire to secure the credentials necessary for their future endeavors.

At Verity, we encourage and assist students seeking academic credit toward a degree by organizing group study sessions, providing limited educational resources, supervising study schedules, and arranging for tutors in various areas.

With independent and group study, college credits are earned through standardized tests, distance learning, and portfolio assessment. In this way students are able to acquire a fully accredited Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree from one of several degree granting institutions.

While the Verity Institute in itself is not a college and does not offer credits for any work accomplished or degrees of any kind, we do seek to support and assist young adults who desire to earn credit through non-traditional means and in the process learn and apply the truths of God’s Word.

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